Olena Sullivan – Spring Shows

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Olena Sullivan – Spring Shows


Toronto based Photographer Olena Sullivan, has 3 shows scheduled for Spring of 2011. LePix gladly would like to invite everyone to be a participant of these photographic exhibitions, as Olena’s ability to freeze time and construct the historic  narrative is quite impressive.

Olena printed & framed at our studios by using k3 pigments on archival photographic media.


Volatile Particles25 years after Chernobyl – Mathew Merrett and Olena Sullivan (a CONTACT 2011 Photography Festival participant).
Two Canadian artists document Chernobyl 25 years after the nuclear disaster while the world watches another unfold. Volatile Particles contrasts man’s impact on the environment with nature’s resilience. The photographs blend images of normality (the ghosts of the past) superimposed on post-Chernobyl devastation and infestation (the present-day stark reality amid the afterlife of the Exclusion Zone). Poignant, moving and relevant – this is a timely introspection addressing our ever-evolving nuclear depression.
April 21-May 30, Artist reception May 14
Chornobyl – 25 Years Later – Back in 2008, two urban exploration photographers came together with an idea for a project that would take them to the irradiated landscape of Chornobyl’s Exclusion Zone and the ghost city of Prypyat. The goal was to explore the Chornobyl disaster through photography, the personal accounts of our journey, and stories from those who reside in the local area today. The photos in this exhibit – donated to the permanent collection of the Children of Chernobyl Canadian Fund – are the result of my subsequent visit to the area in September, 2009 thanks in part to a grant from the Ontario Arts Council. These photographs document the area almost 25 years after the nuclear disaster that changed the world and show how impermanent man-made structures truly are compared to the resilience of nature.
Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 6:00p.m. – Olena Serbyn-Sullivan Photographer & Speaker with guest speaker Dr. Roman Serbyn. Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation 2118-A Bloor St. W. Toronto, ON M6S 1M8
Exhibit runs April 26-May 4
Chornobyl Remembered – In 1986, the Chornobyl Reactor exploded, creating the largest nuclear meltdown in the world’s history. A representation of the photos taken from my 2009 trip to the Exclusion Zone will be on display at the Embassy, along with personal stories, for several months.
Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, 30 Somerset St. W., Ottawa, ON.
April-July. Artist reception April 12, 6pm.