Yaara Eshet – Illustrator

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Yaara Eshet – Illustrator

Today we introduce you to the fantastic world of Yaara Eshet, her magical and storytelling images will please your senses and surely transport you. Below  there’s an idea how and where her images come from:

“For me there is nothing more natural than connection of words and drawings. In my head words have shape, color and face. The written word is the first thing that starts each visual concept: Book, a poem, a solitary word, single letters, those are the seeds which will grow illustration. Each sketch work begins with a list, verbal description of what later would be painting.

Yaara prefers for her Fine Art Reproductions Hahnemuhle William Turner Media 310gsm

Even the casual scribble on a stack of pages in a phone call (not to mention customer service fatiguing waiting) starts with number, letter, and word. At the end everything will be buried in tangle of lines and dots – cats run on paper, people, houses, and cars made up of what was once an address and phone number.

Yaara is a Graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem, Israel and has illustrated for newspapers, magazines, children and adults books. She  has worked with graphic design and advertising studios as a Freelance illustrator in Israel and Canada.

You can see more of her work on her Artavita portfolio page